Florence + The Machine Land UK #1 Album With ‘How Big, How Blue, How Beautiful’ | Music News


Florence + the Machine’s new album How Big, How Blue, How Beautiful has debuted on the Official UK Albums Chart at number 1. The group’s third LP racked up combined sales of just under 70,000 units. This follows their previous chart-toppers, 2009’s Lungs (which has re-entered the UK Top 40 album chart at number 18) and 2011’s Ceremonials.


Florence Welch told NME how the album has concepts of witchcraft: “When I first went to work with Markus [Dravs, producer], I did have some songs that were like… slightly more [2011 album] ‘Ceremonials’-esque, we got really into obsessing about the LA witchcraft scene, and I was imagining this concept album about a witch trial in Hollywood, and someone falls in love. It was kind of tied up with things in my own life, but it was an escapism“.



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