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French luxury brand Dior is coming out with a new documentary Nose that is based on one of the many professions in this multifunctional brand. For this documentary, the profession that is highlighted is the perfume-creator. Here François Demachy, the Perfume-Creator for Dior, is the star of the film.


The film was directed by Clément Beauvais and Arthur de Kersauson and it profiles François, whose nose is one of the best regarding perfumery. He is the real deal. Indeed he is the one that created the scent for ‘Dior Sauvage’, one of the most famous men’s scent – and one of the best – that the brand has created.


During the film, which was filmed for over two years, we will follow François in his hometown, Grasse in the south of France, known as the world’s capital for all fragrance creators. We will also go to Ireland, the Nosy-Be islands, and more destinations to see.


Many landscapes, flowers, savoir-faire, the creative process and more are showcased in the film. We really get to see how these perfume-creators work and get to harmonize scents. Here we are getting to see the background of all the processes.


The fact that the brand lets us get a peek inside of one of the world’s most secretive professions is amazing, but what’s even more interesting is that are only a few people who actually do that job. These people have a real talent when it comes to choosing raw materials, flowers and other products used for perfumes.


It is a profession where secrets are kept, whether is it on how to find the scent combinations, where to find the best quality of products and obviously all the process, from the bottling to the design, as well as which industries are used to create the product and how they keep being the best.


The film will be out on February 22 on Amazon Prime, Apple TV, Google Play, and Canal Vod, watch the trailer for it below:




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