French Songwriter And Instrumentalist Tiphanie Doucet Releases New Single ‘Ocean Blue’

French songwriter and multi-instrumentalist Tiphanie Doucet has just released a new single “Ocean Blue” and it’s getting the attention it deserves.

After captivating our ears with her first single “Une Love Song”, the pinnacle of pop bliss that was widely praised by the media and playlists, and her second single “Daddy”, an honest and open letter to her father, Tiphanie Doucet, a captivating French songwriter, and multi-instrumentalist, presents “Ocean Blue”, a vaporous song with fine synthetic sounds brimming with musical nuance.

The joy offered is so great that the beauty of the sounds and voice is ultimately just a tiny drop in the ocean. A stunning video clip with great visual aesthetics flawlessly complements the song and adds a significant amount of intensity and delicate theatricality to the track.

“Ocean Blue” depicts the need to exist but also a cry for freedom, an introspective search for a future that wishes to be filled with unsettling concerns.

Ocean Blue was born in my small studio installed at my mother’s house, when I returned to France during the pandemic. It’s also the first song I produced. Like many, my life suddenly turned into something uncertain and scary. I was craving blue skies, air to breathe, for the end of a fairly dark tunnel whose end we did not know”, explains Tiphanie.

The song “Ocean Blue” is a part of her upcoming concept album LETTERS, which will be released in early 2023. On it, the artist writes “letters” in the form of songs to various people who had significant roles in her life, including the man she left, the man she hopes to meet, a friend who might have become her soul mate, and her estranged father.

Alongside a fresh lo-fi electronic sound that Tiphanie Doucet created for the first time at home and polished with Raphael Dhervez and Bill Cox in France, the new material stands apart from the artist’s earlier albums. Many of her songs are bilingual in keeping with her fusion of French and American cultures.

The Celtic harp, which Tiphanie studied as a child in her native France, is added to the song to complement its lo-fi beat and lovely, meditative voice.

Listen and enjoy “Ocean Blue” below!


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