London Rap Artist F.ACE Releases New Track ‘Chess Not Checkers’

Hailing from the Northwest London F.ace has just released “Chess Not Checkers”, a new hip hop piece with dark, romantic and moody vibes.

There has been a need in the music landscape for genuine and original lyricists due to the widespread popularity of other genres like pop and R&B throughout the UK.

London rapper F.ACE steps in to close the deficit with his skillful and unrivalled flow. The prodigy has been studying the game for as long as he has been rapping.

F.ACE made his debut in June of this year (2022) with his first single, “For The Money.” He established himself as a writer you should add to your radar because to his inventive and diverse wordplay.

With his distinctive manner, which enables you to concentrate on his opinion and energy, F.ACE has been able to smash down many barriers in terms of fame and race.

With his unchallenged freestyles, which have elevated him to a force to be reckoned with, he is quickly moving up the ranks.

F.ACE is a doorway to the breed of budding Hip-Hop artists in North West London because he is focused on making music that is mind-driven, exhibits his wordplay, and has incredible flow. He beats many other rappers in terms of passion, timing, and rhythm.

The artist’s new release “Chess Not Checkers” is an example of what he has been trying to achieve and getting the interest that it deserves.

Listen and enjoy the new release  “Chess Not Checkers” below


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