Joshua Idehen Releases New Track ‘All You Can Do Is Try’

Joshua Idehen has released his new track “All You Can Do Is Try“. This song mixes soulful vibes with a modern club feel. The Stockholm-based British-Nigerian artist delivers his lyrics in a spoken-word style, reflecting on life’s challenges.

In the song, Idehen speaks about the weight of the world and our worries. He addresses concerns for loved ones, the future, and even strangers far away. He emphasizes that worrying and wishing are natural. However, he highlights that our response to adversity defines us.

Idehen’s message is clear: “sometimes all you can do is try, alright, I’m saying, sometimes all you can do is try, and that’ll have to be alright, I promise it’ll be alright.” This chorus provides supportive encouragement during tough times.

The song’s backstory is also inspiring. Idehen recalls, “It was the first song we made after we finished the first project, Learn to swim. I was on a UK support tour when Ludvig sent this amazing beat which sounded to me like an expansion on the sounds from ‘I Got You Every Step Of The Way’ so it felt right to continue along the theme of self acceptance.

Was trying out some chorus ideas when I found out on one of the tour nights I would be performing to two people. Sucked to hell, I’d been weirdly serene about at the time. I took a photo and texted it to my partner, with the words all you can do is try, and she responded ‘I promise that will be alright’ and ding! The chorus wrote itself.”

The track was produced with Ludvig Parment. It features euphoric keys, lively hi-hats, and pulsating beats. The feel-good atmosphere matches Idehen’s creativity and soulful voice. The song blends poetry with modern club sounds, making it both profound and danceable.

The single also includes a remix by Swedish DJ and producer Bella Boo. Her version enhances the club aesthetic, adding dynamic energy to the beats.

Joshua Idehen is known in the jazz and electronic scene. His work includes contributions to The Comet Is Coming’s album Channel The Spirit and Sons of Kemet’s albums Your Queen Is A Reptile and Black Is The Future.

He also formed the spiritual jazz group Calabashed with Alabaster DePlume. Additionally, Idehen collaborated with L.A. electronic artist Daedelus on the mini-album Holy Water Over Sons.

Following his 2023 mixtape, Learn To Swim, Idehen continues his solo projects. In 2024, he has a new collaboration with Metronomy called With Balance and an upcoming headline show in London at Corsica Studios on May 30th.

Atwood Magazine describes Idehen’s work as “a resounding and deeply human triumph into which he pours his heart, his soul, his body, and his mind.” Clash Magazine praises him as a favorite in the music industry, noting his contributions to two Mercury-prize nominated albums.

Joshua Idehen’s new track “All You Can Do Is Try” offers a blend of soulful reflection and modern club energy, encouraging listeners to keep trying through life’s challenges.

Watch the video for “All You Can Do Is Try” below!


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