‘Game Of Thrones’ Season 6 Episode 3 – Oathbreaker | TV Review

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Let’s explore more death and misery in this SPOILER filled review of the latest Game of Thrones episode.


This is the best show on TV and it is adored by many. Its only slight weakness is due to the vast collection of characters that some episodes appear like placeholders as people are put into the right geographical and emotional place for future big events. Much of this episode is a placeholder, but it is not without some shocks and deaths.


A big shock is Rickon got a lot taller. Not only is Bran back from his season long break but the long forgotten youngest Stark is back at Winterfell under the clutches of the maniacal warden of the North Ramsay Bolton.


Rickon wasn’t allowed to say anything this episode but the scattered Stark family are gathering momentum in their own way.


Arya Stark has her eyesight back and is honing her assain skills under the tutelage of the many faced God. We were treated to essentially a training montage as Arya’s skills develop.


The big finale of the episode was once again fan favourite Jon Snow, who now alive has officially decided to end his watch. Not before he executed those who killed him including the young boy Olly. The effects and visual detail was shocking as expected of this show.


Is this a new tougher Jon Snow? Would the pre-resurrection Jon Snow have hung this young boy. It also marked the end of the frustrating but watchable anatagonsit Ser Alliser Thorne.


Apart from last season’s opening of a young Cersei Game of Thrones has largely avoided flashbacks. The Bran and three eyed Raven storyline looks set to feature plenty of flashbacks. The young Ned Stark was almost a caraciture of Sean Bean and the following sword fight was slightly lack lustre by the shows lofty standards.


However the real intrigue is the possible lineage of Jon Snow being revealed. Ned Stark’s sister guarded by Targaryen’s; was she about to give birth to a Targaryen, will this child be Jon Snow? Many think so but the three eyed Raven is in no rush to reveal this to Bran.


Tyrion’s light hearted approach is once again a soothing balm within the often serious tone as he attempts to make conversation. Cersei and Jamie struggle to assert this power and it looks like we will be meeting the rest of the Tarly family next week.


Hopefully next week will see some ramifications to the multiple movements on the Westeros chessboard.



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