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I seldom get interested by a new rapper these days because their music seldom has the full package. They may have a dope rap flow, offer strong verses, but they let themselves down by picking very uninteresting or rather subdued production to rap over or by messing up the chorus so it’s a privilege to introduce to Genra!


Who is Genra? He is a fast-rising rapper from Oakland, California, who I found on SubmitHub a few weeks ago. His new single “You Should Know” ticks if not all, definitely most of all the boxes for me. His flow is infectious, his cadence is assured and the production, led by live instrumentation, is interesting. The chorus was my least favourite part only because after a few listens, it doesn’t stand out anymore, but the song overall is A1!


According to Genra, ‘You Should Know’ “was produced by the critically acclaimed, Nabeyin Panford. This is the third project we’ve worked on together which incorporates non sampled, live and jazzy trumpets with progressive strings and heavy hitting baselines. The song discusses how each micro decision we make leads to macro implications. It touches on temptation, reality and ultimate perspective“.


Check out “You Should Know” below and if you enjoyed it like I do, you can head over to his Spotify here for some more.




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