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Before you read the rest of this, I would invite you to press play on this tune below as a matter of first-things-first! The melody and vocals on this tune right here is nothing short of exquisite and the chorus takes it up a good several notches! I am talking about “Everglance” from Norwegian pop duo Jimmy Smash, who we previously shared with you back in 2017.


Jimmy Smash is made up of two 24-year old writers and producers Mikkel Graham Guttormsen and Håvard Lyngstad, who take influence from the likes of J Dilla, Quincy Jones, Bon Iver and Anderson .Paak, to deliver what is some of the best pop music I’ve heard this year.


According to the duo, “Everglance” is the song they’ve always wanted to make, and you can immediately see why, or hear why rather. There is a feeling of artistic freedom all over the track. The horn arrangements, drum patterns and vocal performance especially stand out for me as the most expressive portions of the song, but let me know which parts you are drawn to the most on here.


The duo describe the track as “a rich feel good, happy and hopeful sounding track, matched with longing emotional lyrics, and big instrumental performances“. Apparently this is meant to kick off a flow of new music releases, hopefully we can keep you updated but if not, you should follow them here.




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