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VILD Music’s very own Jesse Markin has released his brooding new single “Hope“. It follows his successful recent single “Jericho” and the great support in the past from tastemakers including Complex and Clash.


Providing more insight into his forthcoming album, this latest offering brings up-tempo vibes with a relatable message of the sacrifices we often have to make when pursuing our dreams. He vocalises his passion over haunting guitars, juxtaposed by the marching drum rolls.


Markin keeps the emotion within his songwriting on the new melancholic single. “Hope” is emotionally charged but gives a fun insight into Jesse as an artist.


“Things that are worth having rarely come easy. Every once in a while we have to remind ourselves why the things we are working towards are important,” Jesse explained when speaking on the track. “‘Hope’ is a song about the sacrifices you have to make when in pursuit of a dream. How purpose gives you strength, and how that strength can be translated into hope.” 


Just breaking into the UK scene following success in Finland, the Finnish, Liberian-born singer and songwriter is seeking more. A solo project on the way, we get to witness his artistic versatility – rapping, singing and songwriting. Be sure to follow this talent in 2019.




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