George Clooney Developing Watergate Series At Netflix | TV News


When Netflix is willing to throw money at practically any idea, that will naturally get talented creators interested. George Clooney is the latest big name to ink a deal with the streaming giant, as he’s now developing a limited series centered on Watergate.


Matt Charmin, who worked with Steven Spielberg on the director’s cold war thriller, Bridge Of Spies, will collaborate with Clooney on the series. The series will reportedly run for eight episodes, each one of which will be devoted to the singular experiences of one major figure in the scandal, using the Rashomon-esque storytelling device.


This is actually Clooney’s second project with Netflix, as he previously signed on to direct and star in an adaptation of Joseph Heller‘s classic novel, Catch-22.


It’s pretty easy to see why Clooney and co. might want to look back and analyse an era where a crooked President was in office, although Watergate has always been a fascination for filmmakers. Clooney has already directed a political project that turned out successfully, 2002’s Good Night And Good Luck, and if his Netflix project can be as nuanced and fascinating as that, he’ll have another hit on his hands.


This is also great news for Netflix, who have reeled in plenty of big names in recent months as the streaming wars begin to heat up thanks to Disney’s acquisition of 20th Century Fox and their own streaming service set to launch in the next few years. As the battle for content rolls on, getting big names attached to big projects like this are key.



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