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George Clooney and Julia Roberts are teaming up for a romantic comedy titled Ticket To Paradise, which is in the works at Universal. Ol Parker, who has directed cozy treats such as the Mamma Mia sequel and both Best Exotic Marigold Hotel films, will helm the movie.


Clooney and Roberts teaming up for a romantic comedy? What is this, the 90s? Hello? In all seriousness, the romantic comedy genre has mostly been relegated to Netflix and other streaming platforms nowadays, so to see two big stars sign on for a romcom is refreshing.


The film is written by Parker and Daniel Pipski (A Teacher), and will see the two stars playing a divorced couple en route to Bali, determined to stop their daughter from making a similar love-related mistake they made 25 years ago. But will it lead to the two rekindling their own romance? (If you’ve seen literally one of these movies before, you probably know the answer).


Clooney and Roberts previously played romantic interests in the first two Ocean’s films, and also appeared together in Money Monster and Confessions Of A Dangerous Mind, which Clooney also directed. At one time these two were arguably two of the five biggest movie stars around, so this is very much a throwback of sorts.


To confirm the throwback style even more, Universal has insisted – yes, insisted – that the film will get a theatrical-only release. So even if there’s another pandemic, this movie is not being dumped to Netflix. And you can always trust Hollywood executives.


It’s funny that romantic comedies were so frequent that less than fifteen years ago, this news would have been met with no more than a shrug. But now that the industry has changed, what was so common back then is now treated as a surprising treat. We’ll see if Clooney and Roberts can help usher in a romcom revival of sorts. If anyone can do it, it’s them.



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