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Contemporary British singer-songwriter Jess McAllisterr has released her new single “The Bushiest Of Beards”, along with its music video. Originally from Exeter, the singer has a particular style of music that only she knows the secret about it.


Indeed, she blends free-spirited, nostalgic folk, through to rhythmic, gutsy blues, rock and pop.
On stage she has the characteristic of playing several instruments like an electric guitar, banjo and even piano which come with her honey-dipped voice; thus, the result is quite outstanding.


She releases her debut album Courage Fear, produced by Michael Mormecha, after the rough lockdown she has been through.


Her follow up single “The Bushiest Of Beards” is about a revenge story that McAllister wanted to tell her audience about a man that bullied her for a prolonged period of her life, stripping her of all self-esteem. She wanted to deliver a deep message to every person who has had that feeling before and felt unworthy, but she added some humour and joy to make the song easier to listen.


The video of the single was made by herself. She wanted to make the video clip full of pastel hint and colourful with vibrant visuals.


It is not her first feminist video that she created all by herself. She also recently released the video for “I Am A Woman” on International Women’s Day, a surreal video shot in super slow-motion, where the balloon of insecurity and self-doubt is popped, only to reveal an explosion of colour and laughter.


For sure, she has many strings to her bow! Watch the video for “The Bushiest Of Beards” below:



#Peace.Love.The BushiestOfBeards

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