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On July 20, Ghostface Killah posted a video online that saw Wu-Tang rapper calling out Action Bronson after the latter artist made a recent appearance on ESPN’s SportsNation. When one of the hosts of SportsNation asked about the vocal similarity between Bronson and Killah, Bronson replied about Killah, “he’s not rapping like this no more“. Ghostface took offence to this and other things Bronson said in the interview, and unleashed a six-minute verbal attack which included threatening physical violence and claiming Bronson had stolen his style.


First of all you little fat fuck, who gives you the right to even mention my name out your motherfucking mouth?” said Ghost. “Boy you done made a mistake boy. You done fucked up. Because listen man, you could never fuck with my pen. My sword, my blade, whatever you want to call it, I’m too nasty for you. This is why the fuck you look up to me, and sound like me. You walk around the club with no shoes on, a big ass beard that one day I might set on fire just for saying my name. Doing 25 years doesn’t sound so good, but I got shooters who’ll do that. Those shooters are not from New York. I don’t think you know the magnitude of what you have done“.


You can watch the video of Ghost responding below. Bronson responded by apologizing to Ghostface on Twitter: “When ur wrong ur wrong and I was wrong. I apologized for the comments. I’ll always be a stand up human. Much love“, he posted. However when asked by Revolt TV if he accepted the apology, he simply replied with “No“.




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