Google Unveils Touch-Sensitive Smart Fabric ‘Project Jacquard’ | Fashion News


The concept of ‘smart fabrics’ isn’t really new, Ralph Lauren revealed a “Polo Tech” shirt with sensors that allows people wearing it to view their heart rate, breathing rate and more, on their iPhones. Now Google has announced that its Advance Technology and Projects Group (ATAP) has developed a textile with microfibers with “digital sensing capabilities” and it could interact with your smartphone.


Levi’s has officially partnered with Google to bring this textile to market (uhm… a nice pair of 501’s to help me feel my outfit). The name of the fabric is ‘Jacquard’, I know, confusing, right? Would I be able to buy it just like the regular Jacquard? We will not know until next year, when Google’s Jacquard makes its first appearance. My question is… Is this ‘smart fabric’ situation really going anywhere? I, personally, don’t want my clothes to have “digital sensing capabilities“, I can barely keep up with iPhones, why would I want my clothes to interact with my phone? and how much would such a luxury cost?


I mean, it is great to see technology and fashion getting along and merging in this way, growing to this level, but would people who can actually afford it, want to buy it? and wear it? I do think it’s amazing to get this far in this field, but I don’t see myself comfortable in these, would this become a trend? like, maybe, for example, “oh, hey, Kendall Jenner (because, obviously), what are you wearing? oh, nothing, just Google’s new Jacquard for Levi’s, it is a dream come true, and it’s actually really comfy“. Yeah… I don’t see that happening.





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