‘Gotham’ Season 2 Episode 11 – Worse Than A Crime | TV Review

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‘Gotham’ Season 2 Episode 11 – Worse Than A Crime | TV Review




This is the Mid-season finale and it is a high water mark for the series. So many elements slot into place perfectly and I really enjoyed it including the slow build up to the anticipated showdown the order of Saint Dumas. The show has finally managed to create some tension despite it being the inevitably safe Bruce Wayne (David Mazouz) in harms way.


The unlikely comic relief in the high stakes finale comes from Lucius Fox (Chris Chalk) who delivers his deadpan realistic commentary with ease highlighting the ridiculous decision making of the main characters. Bruce Wayne shows plenty more misplaced confidence and even an element of enjoyment in the thrill of danger hinting at his future alter ego. The main characters form a kind of unruly posse to take down Galavan (James Frain) and his chums leading to a visual treat as they strut towards their destination.


Jim Gordon’s (Ben McKensie) moral ambiguity is stretched to even further lengths and I suspect he will be at odd with his gruff captain (Michael Chiklis) for the second half of the season. The promise of a new villain once terribly portrayed by Arnold Schwarzenegger is a tantalising cliffhanger, and what exactly is Wayne enterprises up to? Can Gotham keep up this recent winning streak- I hope so.



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