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On Saturday, the 2018 edition of Art Night took place in London around Vauxhall, Southbank and Nine Elms from 6 pm till 6 in the morning. It is a unique night – in every sense, because now you have to wait for next year’s edition! – 12 hours of non stop, full & free immersion into contemporary art.


My personal plan was to go there but there were so many events together on the same day, as always in London though, with Pride London and England’s World Cup match amongst them all; I was strolling around until I found one part of the exhibition.


Well, it is more than one thing: it is a 1,600 brick wall (a “muro“, as it’s been called), that rose up just in front of The National Theatre for the occasion, and was supposed to disappear during the same night.


The 2 meter high by 8 meter long clay wall was given to the world, symbolizing the physically and mentally barriers in society, and every visitor was invited to take one of the real bricks home (for free, of course).


I did so. I chose mine, it was pretty heavy but they gave you a nice original eco-bag to carry it, an official document of ownership and then ask for a picture.


It is already the second time that the Mexican artist Bosco Sodi created Muro: last year it was built, brick by brick, by Sodi himself as usual, in New York.


He did the same operation on Saturday in London, wearing an enlightening t-shirt with the words “Rise and Shine”. “It’s about breaking down walls physically and mentally”, this is the key message from the artist, supported by Blain|Southern.


So, now I have a brick from Mexico in my room, signed by an international artist and charged with the meaning of dismantling any kind of barriers and open the arms, hearts, minds, horizons to whatever it comes.



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