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The time for sleeping is over Twenty One Pilots fans. The band has magically re-appeared on our radars, first, with a cryptic email sent to the subscribers of the Twenty One Pilots newsletter, and then by reactivating their social media accounts with a short clip.


The teaser, that was posted both on their Twitter and Facebook accounts, features a yellow eye about to open. The video is supposedly a continuation of the message sent in the emails to the fans that read the cryptic statement “ARE YOU STILL SLEEPING?“.



The news, that sent all fans into a frenzy, comes after a year of silence from the band. After their sold out Emotional Roadshow World Tour and a Grammy Award for their hit single “Stressed Out“, the alternative rock band had announced back in 2016 that they were about to go on a hiatus in order to create new music. They also anticipated that their next music release would probably focus more on the lyrical content.


But last week spirits were awakened as our hearts started pounding to the beat of ‘please, just give me new music already’. All this social media movement can only mean one thing: the American duo, who, with their latest album Blurryface turned even the most skeptic into a fan, will luckily grace us with some awesome new music.


Fans theories are now swirling around the internet about when will be the actual day. One thing is sure, though. We can’t wait to sleep no more if this means new Twenty One Pilots’ music soon.



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