Greek Artist Good Job Nicky Shines In New Pop Single ‘Stay’

Emerging Greek artist Good Job Nicky is stepping boldly into the pop realm with his latest release, “Stay,” an uplifting summer anthem that doesn’t shy away from exploring deeper emotional themes.

Released on the 23rd of June, the Athens-based singer’s new single was co-written and produced by the London duo Connor Mullally and Trey Qua.

The Afro-influence in the record imparts a distinctive groove and warmth to the track, while good job nicky’s captivating vocals take center stage. The song is a clear demonstration of his versatility as an artist and his ability to navigate the pop genre with ease, hinting at a promising evolution in his music career.

Born and raised in Athens, Good Job Nicky’s music is a fusion of his local roots and the massive influence he draws from American culture, Motown, Soul, and Gospel.

His compelling English lyrics paired with an extraordinary vocal range set him apart in the international music scene, making him a potential star in the making. His latest release, brimming with rhythm and a summery vibe, is just a precursor of the exciting music that’s yet to come from him.

On his new release, good job nicky shares, “This song was a great moment for me. It’s the first song I’m releasing from my new writing sessions with Connor & Trey, and it’s my first move into taking over the pop world.

He further divulged the intimate emotions behind the track, saying, “We wrote this about a relationship that I knew I had to leave, and if I didn’t then it would have hurt us both more. Getting my feelings out into song really helps me have clarity on a situation.”

“Stay” is available now for streaming and downloading via Cobalt Records (Warner). With its vibrant and emotive sound, it’s bound to be a popular addition to many a summer playlist, listen to it below.


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