Grizzy Reveals His Fresh Sound On New Single ‘4L (One Night)’

If you’re in search of new musical sensations, look no further: Grizzy, formerly known as “1kGrizzy,” is about to make you groove with his latest sonic masterpiece “4L (one night)” part of his latest project SMTHN FROM THE VAULT.

Born Gaurav Vijay Navghare on March 31, 2000, in Dar Es Salaam, Tanzania, Grizzy is a rising star from the Greater Toronto Area. His music, infused with his South Asian culture and familial influences, has captured the hearts and minds of many listeners since he began at the age of 14.

In his latest opus, Grizzy takes us on a journey where the frenetic rhythms of Hip-Hop meet the captivating sounds of R&B, dancehall, and reggaeton.

With pulsating energy and impactful lyrics, he offers a unique auditory experience, inviting us to explore new musical horizons. Powerful beats and catchy melodies intertwine to create a captivating ambiance that will have you moving to the music’s rhythm.

Since late 2018, Grizzy has found in Troy Harmon (Purple Journey) more than just a manager but a true creative partner. Together, they have pushed the boundaries of music, propelling the “1k” project to new heights.

Always alongside his loyal manager, Grizzy harbors great ambitions for the future, aspiring to further expand his musical footprint and solidify the “1k” and “Purple Journey” brands.

Grizzy is currently in the midst of creative fervor, working tirelessly on new projects that promise to revolutionize the music industry. Stay tuned for his upcoming releases and prepare to be transported by his music.

Listen to “4L (one night)” below!


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