Guillermo Del Toro’s Stop-Motion ‘Pinocchio’ Project Is Not Happening | Film News


While Guillermo Del Toro focuses on Netflix’s newly announced trilogy, Tales Of Arcadia, he’s planning to take a year off from directing feature films.


That is a disappointment in and of itself, but even more despairing is that his long-in-development stop-motion Pinocchio project is reportedly dead.


Speaking with IGN, Del Toro lamented that the project is as good as done for:


“It’s not happening, but the idea was to do Pinocchio during the ascension of fascism in Italy, with Mussolini. It was a good time to discuss the idea of being a puppet or being a human, but you know, it’s not in progress”.


It’s a huge shame because even in it’s elevator pitch state above, the project sounds fascinating. Back in April, Del Toro seemed optimistic that he was going to get a deal done with Amazon to produce the film, but it seems that fell through.


Del Toro is someone that routinely has his fingers in many pies, but considering his penchant for dreamlike, fantasy tales, it’s no surprise many potential projects fall through. Unfortunately there isn’t a consistent box office market for Del Toro’s original, visionary ideas.


Fortunately, alongside his Netflix plans, he also has the much anticipated The Shape Of Water arriving soon, which is one project he was able to actually get made. The film premieres on Friday, December 8.



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