‘Halo’ Game Has Transformed Into TV Show Directed By Otto Bathurst | TV News


The famous video game Halo is set to be released as a brand new TV show, and it will be directed by Robin Hood director Otto Bathurst. He will direct multiple episodes of the show, and well as act as executive producer.


But this is not the first time Hollywood has attempted to adapt the game. “In 2005, Annihilation director Alex Garland penned a script for a movie, with plans for Peter Jackson to produce, and either Guillermo del Toro or Neill Blomkamp to direct. Blomkamp landed the gig, and Game of Thrones creator D. B. Weiss and Josh Olson came aboard to re-write Garland’s script. However, the film never got off the ground”.


Hopefully the TV show will be a great fresh start. I tend to think complex stories do better as TV shows, due tot he ability to go into more depth of character and plot, and there are endless possibilities. With a game already so complex, this will no doubt succeed as a show.


However some might think that because Halo is so old, people have forgotten about it. It has become relatively less important and will therefore struggle to succeed in sales or recognition. But relying on its name and the game itself is probably what ruined marketing ideas in the first place, and was probably the reason it failed at such an early stage.


With a fresh take, it would probably suit them better to take a new approach to the marketing, rather than relying on its game status.



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