‘Han Solo’ Movie Making The Jump To Lightspeed Without Harrison Ford | Film News

harrison ford


We learned earlier this month that casting had begun for the role of a young Han Solo for the upcoming spin-off which will chart the Corellian smuggler’s early days, and whilst obviously we knew that the character would be getting recasted, many suspected that Harrison Ford, the star who made the character famous back in 1977, would perhaps feature in some small way.


Now thanks to an interview with Reuters, the actor himself has confirmed that he currently has no involvement with the film. This is some what of a shame, as Ford was so instrumental in bringing his own brand of swagger to the role, that it will be an uphill struggle for any young actor to take the mantle; an appearance from Ford would have helped to lend some reassuring credibility to the passing of the guard.


The as yet untitled Han Solo Anthology film is currently set for release in May 2018, and is to be directed by Phil Lord and Chris Miller.



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