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If you’ve been out on twitter (or the internet) lately you will have noticed the hashtag #WhereIsRey. Fans have been voicing their frustration over the lack of Rey merchandise and most recently her absence from the new edition of the classic board game, Monopoly.


If you’ve picked up the latest edition of the classic game, you will have noticed that one major player is missing. The idea for the game was, apparently, some kind of battle of light vs. dark that takes place over property values. So they included Luke Skywalker and Darth Vader from the original trilogy and Finn and Kylo Ren from the new film. The hero of The Force Awakens – the most successful film of all time – is however nowhere to be seen.


Don’t get me wrong here, I love Finn and found him to be an extremely likeable, considerate and dependable dude. Also, the chemistry between him and Poe is one of the best things about the new film. But, it is Rey who is the MAIN character. She is the film, without her there wouldn’t be an awakening. The force awakens in her, literally. She is the one who steps up to the plate, and goes head to head with Kylo Ren.


Hasbro have said that they excluded Rey from the board game to avoid possible spoilers. How considerate of them. It makes me wonder, have they watched any of the promos or trailers? Because anyone who’s anyone knows that they did a pretty good job establishing Rey as a vital character. Which leads to another question, did they exclude her because she’s a woman?


Most people will agree that, that is the primary reason – there really are no other explanations. She should have been included. End of story. She could have appeared in the game – just minus the lightsaber. That would have solved the spoiler risk. They could have had her swinging her staff instead, but no, Hasbro decided to leave her out altogether. Which is not okay, in my book.


Hasbro, have now realized their mistake and responded to the outcry. They wrote that due to our “passion for Rey” she will be added to the board game which will be available later this year. This is nothing new, unfortunately. Just another company underestimating the power of women – but hopefully this has been an eye-opener for all parties.




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