Haunting ‘Top Of The Lake: China Girl’ Trailer Arrives | TV Trailer


Top Of The Lake was a sleeper hit, blossoming out of nowhere on SundanceTV before reaching a global audience after airing on the BBC. Created by Jane Campion, the first season was a slow-burning, quietly ominous gaze into the darker side of New Zealand. Now, a trailer for the second season, titled China Girl, has arrived.


This series is set in Sydney, Australia, home of protagonist Robin Griffith (Elisabeth Moss), and adds Gwendoline Christie (Game Of Thrones) and Nicole Kidman to the cast. The plot focuses on Robin’s attempt to uncover a syndicate murdering Asian girls whilst battling with her own personal demons.


Campion has created a world of atmospheric dread, mixing two of her cinematic works, The Piano and In The Cut, into another much-anticipated TV series. Hopefully the second season – arriving later this year – can match the heights of the first.


Check out the trailer below:




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