Let Your Wardrobe Bloom With These Cute Floral Items | Fashion News


Hot seasons mean a radical shift in your wardrobe that, little by little, begins to blossom.


Pastels and bright colours are a spring/summer favourite, but floral prints are a must-have this time. Don’t be limited to the roses, daises, and irises in your garden; let them come alive on your outfits, too!


Tabitha Simmons presented a pair of embroidered canvas flats, perfect to be matched with a cocktail dress or cutoffs.


If you love all kinds of flowers and can’t decide which to go with, why not wear a full bouquet with the gorgeous print Shasta dress designed by Tory Burch?


This year, Zara takes you on a tropical island with their stylish jeans featuring painted-on flowers and a bird.


To blossom, even on the beach, Bikyni designed a bikini (top and bottom) with stunning magnolias set on a dark background.


Have a gander at all of these floral items below:







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