Hicktown Breakout To Release Self-Titled Debut EP On November 15 | Music News


This coming Friday, Bristol-based country-influenced band Hicktown Breakout will share their self-titled debut EP. The record is a collection of five standout tracks that see the five-piece outfit effortlessly combining country, rock. and blues to create a sonic sound truly unique to Hicktown Breakout. The record will be independently released by the UK group and features the iTunes Top 29 Country Chart single “Jo Lee” which will also be getting its own music video in the very near future.


Britain is at the forefront of the wave of new country sweeping through the industry and Hicktown Breakout are fast becoming one of the leading names within the ever-growing scene. The market is always on the lookout for fresh new talent, and this band are exactly that. There aren’t many groups around right now who can blend genres quite as easily as Hicktown Breakout manage and with this project they have showcased their immense talents to the world.


Speaking about the record, Hicktown Breakout’s Steve says: “As a relatively new band to the Country scene, we wanted our Debut EP to reflect our creativity and originality showcasing what this band is about and what’s to come“.


Fans will be able to download, and stream Hicktown Breakout’s self-titled debut EP from this Friday, November 15. Keep up to date with all their latest news via their website.



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