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Integration, empowering and self-confidence have become some of the key-concepts of the 21st century woman, ones that can easily also deal with a more concrete and daily issue, that every female human being experiences: the bra.


Too big, too small, too hot, too visible, too tight; that’s the reason why Aerie for American Eagle is promoting various exclusive collections of the so hated and indispensable item of clothing.


The latest brilliant idea is #AerieREAL, featuring 57 women of various shapes, colors, disabilities, and sizes embracing their individual beauty. Morover, anyone can post a picture wearing one of the more than 350 Aerie bras and add the tag #AerieREAL to appear on the official shopping page.


In the latest campaign, there is a model-for-one-day who sits on a wheelchair, another one with ostomy bag and another suffering from vitiligo. All appear happy and relaxed, having fun for the photshoot and posing with different items.


The motto carried on by Aerie teaches “Feeling real good. Don’t change you. Change your bra!” and the great thing is that up to 16 sizes in bralettes & 30 sizes in bras are available at more than affordable prices, starting from £17.


Aerie is also an activist brand which supports a training program, a collaboration with The National Eating Disorders Association (NEDA), that claims the importance of body confidence and aims to help to create a judgement-free zone everywhere.


Get inspired from the pictures below!








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