Foreign Office Minister Doesn’t Condone Boris Johnson’s Comments On Burqas | Politics


Boris Johnson has been accused of ‘dog-whistling’ Islamophobia after remarks were made by him on the burqa ban in Denmark. He stated that Muslim women in burqas resembled that of a letter box and bank robbers, something which the Foreign Office Minister Alistair Burt, did not agree with.


The comment was made in regards to the Danish ban of the burqa. Although Johnson agreed with aspects of it, he (very poorly) was trying to illustrate that the UK government would never enforce such a ban. Burt was devastated that Johnson would accompany this with the comments he made and would agree that many would find offence in it.


With a senior conservative frontbencher openly criticising Johnson’s actions, Theresa May will have a hard time avoiding this incident. As if she didn’t have enough on her plate with Brexit! This is yet another indicator of the current tension amongst the Tory party.


It is unfortunate that countries such as Denmark, France and Belgium fail to see the religious marginalisation of such policies.



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