Dolly Parton To Be Fifth Judge On The X Factor? | TV News



It seems that four just isn’t enough for Mr. Simon Cowell, as there are now talks of there being a star studded fifth addition to the X Factor panel of judges, and both Dolly Parton and Rod Stewart are being considered. Cowell is toying with the idea of there being a fifth judge that changes every week. The judge will be a singing icon, and apparently will also act as the deciding vote in the sing-offs.


Apparently, Mr. Cowell would also like for the judge to be of particular ‘music legend’ status, so as to attract older audiences away from BBC’s Strictly Come Dancing. It has also been rumored that Louis Walsh could return as a guest judge in the live shows. Nonetheless, nothing has been confirmed so these are just floating ideas, but it would be rather nice to see good old Mr. Walsh back as a judge again. I’m surely not the only one who feels his presence is missed, right?



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