iLLBLISS & Teck-Zilla Bring Hip-Hop Heat With New EP ‘ILLYZILLA’ | Music News


The duo of ILLYZILLA — Nigerian rapper iLLBLISS and producer/DJ Teck-Zilla — deliver the sound of two gifted artists at the top of their respective games with their fresh new debut self-titled EP.


The on-point, modern boom-bap production of Str8Buttah’s Teck-Zilla meets the authoritative voice undoubted lyrical ability of iLLBLISS for a brand new project that surprisingly took only week to write and record yet holds the quality, immediacy and intricacy of something that would have taken a whole lot longer.


They demonstrate their kinship throughout ILLYZILLA, from the aspirational imagery of “Be Great” to the confident, raw vibes of “We Are Not Mates”. ILLYZILLA also goes down the R&B route with “Queens”, a heartwarming ode to iLLBLISS’s wife and the female relationship perspective featuring unique vocal appearances from singer Uzezi and femcee Phlow.


The warmth of “Queens” extends to “DON” as well, though this Phlow-assisted cut is less romantic and more an anthem for those who pave their own paths in this life. Still, the soulful touches from Teck help to balance iLLBLISS’s assertive vocals and Phlow’s presence on the hook.


It’s that same sense of balance that makes ILLYZILLA successful as a complete project. Everyone brings their A-game without stepping on each other, ultimately aiding for a worthwhile listen.




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