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It’s coming up to that time of the year where the single ladies dream of pairing up with that special one. Well UK five-piece R&B/A cappella sensation Vadé’s brand new single, “Be Mine” with R&B sensation Jermaine Riley, proves there are still good men out there who are more than willing to settle down.


Written by the band, “Be Mine” documents a man’s burning desire make a commitment to his love interest …and makes it potently clear that he’s not into playing silly games. Beautiful vocal arrangements adorn this new track and their vocal alone make for a sumptuous R&B palette. And Jermaine Riley leads the track with the charisma that can make anyone fall in love.



Vadé’s powerfully soulful sound won them Sky 1’s Sing: Ultimate A cappella in 2017, and since then they have recorded their debut album, Cry Your Heart Out and generate more recognition scooping the 2018 A cappella Awards for Best Quintet along the way. it goes without saying that the ‘Boyz II Men of A cappella’ have got what it takes to send shockwaves throughout the music scene across the globe.



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