Indie Duo Stella Katherine Cole Unveil New ‘Fine’ Single And Visuals

Introducing Stella Cole and Emma Scotson, the US indie duo known as Stella Katherine Cole with their brand new single titled “Fine”, which is one of two newly released collaborations the duo have made with Grammy Award winning producer Dave O’Donnell.

Emma Scotson is the writer in the duo, while Stella Cole is the vocalist. Both of them are long-time best friends and roommates, and they have been working together with producer Davee O’Donnell on over 30 original recordings, ever since Stella went viral on TikTok, with a two part EP set for release next year.

While their music feels very much genre-defiant, they have described themselves as an indie duo. Their writing is unconventional and experimental, their production is unpredictable and their vocal stylings pay homage to classic ‘old Hollywood’.

Speaking about the inspiration for “Fine”, Stella Katherine Cole say, “it was really important that this song contained no linear plot-point/narrative — rather, it should embody the simple sentiment of ‘no’. Sometimes ‘no’ is enough without having to explain the story of ‘why’. We needed this song (and the music video that will be released alongside it) to embody as many different depictions of ‘no’ as possible.

It lives outside of any narrative realm, so its structure and instrumental components are allowed to be abstract and unconventional: the instrumentation starts and stops with total unpredictability, bass lines are played backwards, background vocals mock you as if you were a tiny golden retriever, the lead vocalist experiments with a variety of styles/placements, etc“.

Watch the video for “Fine” below:


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