Manchester Band Corella Share New Single ‘I Didn’t Know Your Name’

Manchester pop-rock band Corella are back with a heartfelt anthem, “I Didn’t Know Your Name”. The track, featured on their debut album Once Upon A Weekend, is a poignant reflection on past relationships.

The song captures the desire to rewind time, to a point where a relationship was innocent and untainted. With its soaring melodies and powerful drumbeats, “I Didn’t Know Your Name” is a testament to Corella’s musical prowess.

Lead vocalist Joel shares, “From the first drum hit, the song just keeps rising.” Guitarist Jack adds, “Definitely one we are looking forward to touring.”
Listeners can expect more of Corella’s signature euphoric sound, with uplifting guitar-driven textures that captivate from start to finish.

Following their explosive singles “Lady Messiah”, “Don’t Stop Me”, “Head Underwater”, and “Drifting”, “I Didn’t Know Your Name” is another gem in Corella’s repertoire. It’s no wonder BBC Radio 1 and Clash Magazine have praised their talent and ambition.

The band’s bassist, Ben, reflects on the songwriting process, saying, “We were determined not to make a middle-of-the-road indie record.” He and Joel’s shared vision shines through in the emotive lyrics and dynamic composition of “I Didn’t Know Your Name”.

With their biggest headline tour to date on the horizon, Corella is ready to connect with fans through their music. “There’ve been moments for all of us where we had to pull each other out of the rubble,” says Ben. “We’ll always be there for each other, no matter what.”

As Corella continues to make their mark on the music scene, “I Didn’t Know Your Name” is sure to resonate with audiences, serving as a reminder of the band’s unwavering talent and authenticity.

Listen to “I Didn’t Know Your Name” below!


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