Indie Rock Newcomers Purple Fly Perform For Warchild UK This Christmas Season

London-based band Purple Fly have joined RISING and Warchild UK in the battle against contemporary warfare and its negative impact on children during this Christmas season.

The band taped a special live set in early November, and it will be available online for the next two weeks along with a list of prizes for everyone willing to participate.

Purple Fly has joined forces with RISING, a platform that highlights the best in new music while raising significant sums for War Child UK, to achieve the specific objective. RISING was founded by London music promoters Hot Vox, and through shows, showcases, and live-streamed performances, it has helped War Child UK raise over £80,000.

RISING is working with fresh talent, giving them chances to advance their careers, and bringing attention to the terrible effects war zones have on children.

People can watch Purple Fly’s special performance, choose any prize, and donate to receive it by going to their fundraising page. The fundraising page will only be accessible through December 29th, so the band urges anyone interested to get started right once.

The holidays are the ideal time to support those who are in need. You’re invited by Purple Fly to spread hope for humanity and cheer up children who have been affected by war. Small acts of kindness might ultimately matter more than we think.

Visit the fundraising page here which is open until December 29.


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