Irish Artist Runah Releases New Single ‘Pixelated Queen’

Like many other artists, RUNAH is a determined female singer with a feminist message she aims to deliver to as many people as possible. Her new single “Pixelated Queen” highlights the massive increase in the objectification of female bodies precisely during the past year on social media platforms such as Zoom and Tik Tok.

“Pixelated Queen” clearly addresses people’s excessive dependence on technologies and social media networks during the pandemic that has immensely affected our perception towards relationships and female bodies.

RUNAH stresses on the importance of being heard and seen while completely dismissing
the standard of beauty that is forced upon all women by the society they live in.

Now, let’s get to know more about RUNAH’s history. RUNAH released her first album “Strange” in 2019 which was considered to be an act of resistance that eventually paid off. That is because it got over a million streams and even gained support from national and international radio Spotify playlist such as New Music Friday UK, Deep Dark Indie.

RUNAH has definitely managed to gain support and admiration from a lot of people as she performed at venues and events like the legendary Groucho Club in London, Ireland Music Week and Sofar Sounds.

During the pandemic, RUNAH recorded another album “MOTHER” which is expected to be released in October. Up till now, she has released singles like “Same Face” which is about a feminist fairytale and also started to co-direct and animate music videos roll out.

Listen to “Pixelated Queen” below:


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