Viral Duo Young T & Bugsey Launch PUMA Mirage Sport Exclusive To JD Sports

Sportswear brand PUMA and high-street retailer JD Sports have announced the latest designs under the Mirage Sport Family. The four exclusive colourways are only available at JD and the design is inspired by the 90’s era and they have partnered with UK duo Young T and Bugsey to launch the exclusive drop.

This new trainers under the Mirage franchise bring back the defining eras of the past and the ones that are yet to come. They take elements from the PUMA’s history and shapes them in today’s styles creating a brand new product with the help of its heritage. They went back to the 1970s to get inspiration, having since redesigned them many times over.

Young T and Bugsey are the rising stars behind such songs “Strike a Pose” and “Don’t Rush”, which birthned the ‘Don’t Rush Challenge’ that went viral last year. They are partnering with PUMA to launching these new colourways exclusive to JD Sports.

Speaking of the partnership, the duo say, “As huge PUMA wearers, we are excited to launch the latest Mirage Sport drop at JD Sports. We love that PUMA are honouring the club space with the new Mirage Sport, bringing back the storied spaces of nightlife, fun, and connection that have been completely transformed over the past year and a half, and it’s great to be a part of that”.

The new colourways come with colourful accents to the shoe that are directed influenced by the lights from clubs. PUMA’s Mirage franchise is part of the growing selection of Futro styles that are a mashup of retro sneakers and futuristic inspiration. All of the exclusive colourways are available to purchase across the UK and Europe.

Check out the looks below:


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