Irish Rap Artist And Producer Young Rooney Releases New Single ‘Free’

Young Rooney is an Irish producer and rapper based in Galway. Hip-hop and R&B music was first exposed to him by his older brother, with J Cole, Kendrick Lamar, Drake, Kanye West, Lil Wayne, and Eminem being among the artists that have influenced him greatly. His new single “Free” serves as the final track on his upcoming self-titled mixtape.

Young Rooney started making beats five years ago and began recording music three years after that. Since he was a child, he has always loved reading and writing. He was enthralled by rap music;s storytelling potential, particularly how musicians could rhyme words while still crafting a logical tale.

From there, he developed a profound love for the art form and a deep appreciation for it. He was motivated to study more about music production and FL Studio as a result of this experience.

His ambition is to become Ireland’s most popular rap musician next year, and then to break into the United Kingdom and the rest of Europe. He is highly determined and feels he has the work ethic and ability to make it happen, despite the scale of the undertaking.

Speaking about his new track “Free”, Young Rooney says, “I wrote this song after moving to a new city and was reflecting on my life back home in the small village where I come from. I was renting a box room in Galway City Ireland and I wrote this song at a time when there was big changes happening in my life and I wasn’t exactly sure where I was headed, so this song helped me piece together the past and gave me a new perspective on certain situations, which was therapeutic in itself“.

Listen to the song here:

#Peace.Love.Young Rooney

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