Alternative Pop Artist Emei Returns With New Single ‘Late To The Party’

Emei is a New York-based alternative pop singer-songwriter and “Late To The Party” is her brand new single. Her eloquent lyrics, warm, ageless voice, and dark soundscapes bring together the finest of the ancient and modern worlds.

She began publishing her own music on Chinese platforms after finishing third on Chinese Idol at the age of 15, and later appeared on Dancing With The Stars of China. When Covid hit, she began releasing acoustic singles more internationally, earning media attention from the likes of Lyrical Lemonade and Iggy Magazine.

Emei has been playing with darker pop tones with her writing partner and producer Lexim for the past year and a half, and her new single “Late To The Party” is among the first fruits of that collaboration.

The song is about how she feels about the pressures she has been put under to achieve so much at such a young age. “What is all the rush for?” the song wonders, inspired by the continuous comparisons to 17-year-olds setting records.

“Late To The Party” features a fresh badass against-the-grain attitude as the first alt-pop record recorded with her producer Lexim, and regardless of your age or background, the chorus will have you singing “twenty one without a grammy or degree“.

Listen to the song here:


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