Irish Singer And Songwriter Sarah O’Moore Releases New Single ‘I Need U’

Irish singer and songwriter Sarah O’Moore has released her second single of 2021 and it is entitled “I Need U”.

This single is an energetic anthem that is here to examine the wrongdoing in society. it has a boisterous sound is coupled with matter-of-fact lyrics, this mix allows the song to flow through an honest ravine.

The song is also mixing some synth textures with raw vocals and questions some attitudes of the government power.

About her new single “I Need You”, Sharah O’Moore said it is about “the political undertones of the past year. It’s after showcasing the Omnipresence of racism in society and the ongoing battles of minority groups. It’s reignited our need to combat these issues. Let’s not have the victors steal the narrative and have its victims forgotten.

From an early age, the Irish artist has been attracted to the soul talent of Nina Simone, Otis Redding and Sam Cooke. With some influences from artists such as Bod Dylan, Leonard Cohen and Van Morrison she was able to create her own music.

In order to pursue her dreams, Sarah left for Bristol and she is now studying songwriting at BIMM. She is now penning her songs with some deeply introspective lyrics and profoundly outlandish work. Her songs carry the dark underbelly of societal demise as well as a hybrid fusion of rich lyricism and melodic roots make her a touchstone for current times.

For the future, she plans to launch her debut EP entitled Social Paralysis later this year.

Listen to Sarah O’Moore latest single “I Need You” here:


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