London Singer And Songwriter Kamarane Releases New Single ‘Spinning Room’

London-based artist Kamarane has just dropped her new single titled “Spinning Room”. This is her second single, after her debut single titled “4AM Thoughts” was released in 2020.

The R&B artist and songwriter wrote this song to express her feeling of being under an influence. She explained that we all went through those times of drinking when our mood takes a complete turn but we don’t really want to feel this anymore. But we still take it, whether it be drink, drugs or sober in a social situation everyone can relate to it.

Instead of a song being a song about sex and the fun we could find in drinks and drugs, “Spinning Room” is showing a more vulnerable side and more anxious side of drinking.

This song is released just after a period of lockdown and when we are all coming back to our social life but it is worth remembering that even though alcohol can make you more social and chatty we need to keep in mind that not everyone enjoys drinking as much as the group with whom they are might think they are.

Kamarane is a 19-year-old singer and songwriter, she lived her whole life in London. Surrounded by music from a young age, her passion just kept growing and she knew that music was what she needed to do.

R&B is the main core of her music as she is drawing her inspiration from artists such as Lauren Hill, Etta James, Nina Simone and many other. She crafted her own style to give a simple taste of older music through her voice.

Listen to her brand new single “Spinning Room” here:


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