Kate Beckinsale & Brian Cox To Star In Catherine Hardwicke’s ‘Prisoner’s Daughter’

Kate Beckinsale and Brian Cox have signed on to star in Prisoner’s Daughter, the familial drama being helmed by Catherine Hardwicke, based off a script by Mark Bacci.

The film revolves around the story of a tough but proud ex-con who’s struggling to find a way to reconnect with his only daughter and grandson. Once he begins an attempt at reconciliation, his violent past begins to catch up to him.

Mark Bacci‘s script is a raw, personal look at a deeply fractured family, similar to my first film Thirteen,” said Hardwicke in a statement. “With Prisoner’s Daughter, I want to fully immerse the viewer in Kate’s character’s intense world as she, her father and her young son try to heal generational family trauma and find a new way forward.”

She said of Cox’s character: “I’m excited to see Brian Cox bring his layers of toughness, vulnerability and warmth to this broken man who has one last chance to reconnect with his family. We’ll ride with Brian on Max’s twisted journey, really feeling all the excruciating pain — and small moments of joy.”

Sam Okun will Produce for Sam Okun Productions, as will Marina Grasic for Oakhurst Entertainment. Capstone Pictures are co-financing the film and attempt to sell it at the upcoming Toronto International Film Festival.

As Hardwicke mentioned, she got her start by co-writing and directing controversial teen drama Thirteen back in 2003. She’s since helmed films such as Lords Of Dogtown, Twilight, and Miss Bala.

The premise for Prisoner’s Daughter sounds a little rote, but hopefully Hardwicke can bring the same sort of raw drama of Thirteen to the film and elevate it.


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