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The Israel attacks on Gaza have continued ininterrupted, after Israel forces killed an Islamic Jihad commander resident in Gaza. This has generated a series of violent assaults between Gaza and Israel. The man who was killed is Baha Abu al-Ata, well known in Palestine for having been the chief of one of the most important group of gaza, Palestinian Islamic Jihad.


Indeed, the group, which derives from the same wing of Hamas, was founded to liberate Palestine from Israeli occupation and to establish an Islamic state, but the militant group of Abu Al Ata is even more radical than Hamas, since it believes in the total destruction of the State of Israel and the establishment of Islamic Palestinian state’s sovereignty.


That’s why attacking Abu Al Ata was a clear objective from the other side of the Gaza strip, because he was planning future attacks to Israel, while Hamas wanted a truce with Israel. The chief was acting against the interests of the Islamic movement that controls the strip.


In response to the Israeli attack, 24 Palestinians have been killed: it seems that a new operation mirated to kill important figures of Islamic Palestainian group has now started unrestrainable. In fact, a separate missile attack on Tuesday hit the home of Islamic Jihad official Akram al-Ajouri, and the Israeli minister of defence has even made it clearer, by saying that Israel will not hesitate in hunting down every terrorist.


As Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu said about Israel’s military actions: “They have one choice: to stop these attacks or absorb more and more blows. Their choice“. Overall, 24 Palestinians have been killed in the Israeli bombardment in Gaza.



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