Issa Rae To Lead New HBO Docuseries ‘Project Greenlight’ | TV News


US actress, writer and producer Issa Rae is everywhere and on many projects these past few weeks. Having recently been announced as the executive producer of the upcoming HBO reality series titled Sweet Life: Los Angeles, the actress is again teaming up with HBO to produce a docuseries titled Project Greenlight.


The 8-episode docuseries led by Issa Rae, HBO Max, and Miramax is a reboot of the original 2001-2003 Project Greenlight series, which spotlighted first-time filmmakers on HBO. This new version of the project will however focus on female filmmakers and we are here for it! These women will be given the chance to direct a movie, which will then premiere on HBO Max.


From HBO and Miramax, the series will be tasked with finding the next female filmmaking superstars, with Rae on hand as a mentor to the aspiring storytellers. She will appear in every episode as an executive producer, giving some guidance, advice and mentorship to aspiring filmmakers.


Before this version of Project Greenlight, the original series first aired in the early 2000s for two seasons on HBO, then a third season was made in 2005 by Bravo, before a fourth season was planned in 2015, but was cancelled right after. In the end, the series was nominated for four Emmy awards during its run, so quite a good run after all.


The show will be produced by Issa Rae under her Hoorae production company and Miramax. Rae and Montrel McKay will serve as executive producers with Jonathan Berry and Dave Becky through 3 Arts Entertainment.



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