Italian Musician Carol Releases New Single ‘How ‘Bout You’

Carol‘s new single “How ‘Bout You” has been released on Friday, May 10th, through Oyez!. This track is the first taste of her upcoming EP, Horse, created in collaboration with Davide Tarragoni of Barkee Bay.

Carol’s music blends dream-pop with jazz influences, chamber folk, and neo-soul electronica. She draws inspiration from artists like Maggie Rogers, Weyes Blood, and Vampire Weekend. This unique mix gives her sound a distinctive and appealing quality.

In “How ‘Bout You,” Carol explores the theme of loss. She explains, “I read that when you lose someone, it takes a year to get used to their absence. I think it takes more time.” The song reflects this sentiment, acting as a conversation with someone who is no longer present. Carol describes it as “a small prayer in which I ask myself questions about a loved one.”

Carol’s journey in music began in Brescia. She trained in singing and musical composition at the Berklee College of Music in Chicago and the Civica Scuola di Musica Jazz in Milan. She later became part of the Milanese underground music scene, collaborating with various artists. In 2023, she joined the label Oyez! and released her first collection, “ghost tracks.”

For “Horse,” Carol teamed up with several musicians, including emerging instrumentalists from the Civica di Milano and professionals like Elia Pastori (Mahmood, NAVA). The EP also features young authors like Leonardo Tosti (menomale) and producer Davide Tarragoni.

Carol’s sound in “How ‘Bout You” reflects her wide-ranging influences. Her music incorporates elements of dream-pop, jazz, chamber folk, and neo-soul. This blend creates a rich, textured sound that sets her apart from other artists.

Listeners will find “How ‘Bout You” both emotional and engaging. Carol’s ability to convey deep feelings through her music makes this track a standout. Her collaboration with talented musicians only enhances the song’s impact.

Fans of artists like Maggie Rogers and Weyes Blood will likely appreciate Carol’s new direction. “How ‘Bout You” offers a glimpse into her evolving sound and sets the stage for the full “Horse” EP.

As Carol continues to grow as an artist, her music resonates with a broad audience. “How ‘Bout You” is a heartfelt track that speaks to anyone who has experienced loss. With its release, Carol invites listeners to join her on a deeply personal musical journey.

Listen to “How ‘bout you” below!


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