Sam Haiman Offers Haunting Look At Inner Struggle And Strength On ‘Babylon’

Sam Haiman, a singer-songwriter in the indie alternative space, has released his new song, “Babylon.” This haunting track dives deep into inner struggles, strength, and the journey of self-discovery. With its strong lyrics and touching melodies, “Babylon” gives listeners a raw and honest look into Haiman’s mind.

Set against a backdrop of ancient ruins and inner conflict, “Babylon” paints a clear picture of a mind filled with insecurities and fears. Through thoughtful verses and dream-like sounds, Haiman explores the crumbling parts of his own thoughts. He faces these with a raw honesty and strong resolve.

I wanted to create a song that showed the difficult journey of self-discovery and inner struggle,” said Haiman. He added, “‘Babylon’ is about the battles we face within ourselves, the walls we build, and the strength it takes to break them down.”

The chorus is a cry for perseverance in chaos. Haiman’s voice rises with urgency and belief, encouraging listeners to keep going despite challenges. Each verse in “Babylon” shows the strong spirit of the human soul and the power of resilience to overcome darkness.

Haiman’s song also reflects on a lifetime of anxiety. He explained, “Babylon is about a lifetime of anxiety that has caused the collapse of the things I love and the mental strength it has taken to rebuild each time I felt the foundation fall out underneath me.”

Sam Haiman is an indie alternative musician influenced by folk, blues, and indie rock. His music explores themes of inner struggle, strength, and the human condition. And his latest song, “Babylon,” is a strong example of it!

In his short career, Sam has been featured alongside artists like Warren Haynes and George Thorogood for the Guitar Legends III compilation record. He has shared stages with bands like Walk the Moon and Eddie Money and has showcased in various high-profile events.

Listen to “Babylon” below!


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