‘Jack Ryan’ Showrunner Exits After Three Months | TV News


Amazon’s Jack Ryan is searching for a new showrunner after the departure of Prison Break creator Paul Scheuring. The series has had a problem keeping the gig occupied, as Scheuring had taken over from series co-creator Carlton Cuse, who handled the duties during Seasons 1 and 2.


Cuse’s replacement David Scarpa briefly took over, before Scheuring was hired. He held the job for less than three months before, per sources, deciding he wasn’t a good fit. He will be replaced by Vaun Wilmott, who created the SyFy series Dominion and was an executive producer on Star Trek: Discovery.


Series star John Krasinski will reportedly become more involved in the showrunning process himself, probably due to the cachet he earned thanks to the huge success of A Quiet Place and the potential of its upcoming sequel. He’ll be working with Wilmott to script Season 3, and has also reportedly been involved in making creative and staffing decisions for the show.


Season 2 of Jack Ryan premiered back in October, and it’s become one of Amazon’s most popular shows. It’s not exactly breaking any barriers, but it’s solid spy-adjacent entertainment, much like the film which starred Harrison Ford back in the 90s. The streaming giant will want this showrunner business sorted out sooner than later though, lest it derail the show.



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