Jaguda Crown 2Face Idibia & Tonto Dike In Their 2013 Nigerian Pop Culture Awards | Music News


Nigerian entertainment website Jaguda recently announced the 2013 winners of their annual Nigerian Pop Culture Awards and amongst the usual suspects such as Olamide who won the ‘Music Artist of the Year’ and ‘Celebrity of the Year’ awards, and Davido who had to share the ‘Song of the Year’ award with Olamide for “Skelewu” and “Durosoke” respectively, other Pop culture awards were also doled out to the likes of Tonto Dike, Maheeda and 2Face Idibia.


Polarizing figure Tonto Dike was crowned ‘Most Hated On Celebrity’ and ‘Most Controversial Celebrity’ while the NSFW antics of Maheeda over the last few months got her voted as the ‘Media Whore of the Year’ and ‘Most Ratchet Celebrity’ of 2013. 2Face Idibia was voted as ‘The Most Liked Celebrity’ and along with spouse Annie, was voted the ‘Couple of the Year’.


The full list of winners and losers can be found here.



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