James Mangold In Talks To Replace Steven Spielberg As ‘Indiana Jones 5’ Director | Film News


Indiana Jones 5 is still a go, but reportedly not with Steven Spielberg at the helm. James Mangold (Logan, Ford v Ferrari) is in talks to replace the legendary director and helm the fifth instalment of the franchise.


It’s unclear whether this news will mean more delays in production. The film had been slated to begin shooting this summer, but may not begin until 2021 now. Back in the earlier days of development, the film had been given a July 2019 release date, before Disney pushed the film back a year, and then another to its current 2021 slot. That may change once again quite soon.


According to Variety, Spielberg decided to pass the torch to a younger filmmaker who could bring a fresh perspective to the character. Mangold is expected to close the deal with the studio, but either way, Indiana Jones 5 will mark the first film in the franchise to be directed by someone other than Spielberg, who will remain onboard as a producer.


This isn’t totally surprising news. It always seemed like Spielberg was far more interested in his upcoming West Side Story remake than doing another Indiana Jones movie. Plus after the lacklustre reception of the fourth instalment, perhaps it’s time to let someone else take a crack at the character. Or don’t do the film at all, maybe? Does anyone truly crave another Indiana Jones film?


Mangold is a reliable director capable of hitting serious high notes from time to time. Logan is one of the best superhero films of all time, and he’s made a career of dependable work. He has been developing an adaptation of Don Winslow‘s The Force which has Matt Damon attached, as well as a Bob Dylan biopic titled Going Electric with Timothée Chalamet.


Disappointingly, both of those projects may be pushed back or given to another director if Mangold prioritises Indiana Jones. Which would be a somewhat odd choice considering he’s one of the few filmmakers who can get original, mid-budget films made at a studio level.


We’ll see what happens. Expect to hear more regarding Mangold’s priorities, and the Indiana Jones 5 release date, in the coming weeks.



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