‘James May: The Reassembler’ Trumps Expectations, Drawing In 440,000 Viewers | TV News

Top Gear Talent

Top Gear Talent


It wasn’t as fast as some of Top Gear’s high octane car chases, but James May’s latest TV project – in which he put back together a 331 component engined lawnmower, drew in more viewers than even the host expected, grabbing the attention of more than 400,000 viewers.


The thirty minute programme drew 444,000 views, just a 2% share of the audience from last night, but just enough to confound May’s fears that no one would watch the show. The series marks the end of Mays involvement – for now at least – with the BBC, the last of his projects for the Corporation before he returns to film the new series of car shows on Amazon Prime with Richard Hammond and Jeremy Clarkson.



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