Jamie Laing Gives ‘Made In Chelsea’ Best Bud Spencer Matthews ‘Full Support’ | TV News



After being in the jungle a mere couple of days, Spencer Matthews was cut from I’m A Celeb… a week ago for his use of steroids. This may have come as a shock to many viewers as Spencer seemed to be thriving during his exciting, albeit short, stay in camp. Despite rumours about rehab flying around, which Jamie Laing was reluctant to comment on, it’s now been reported, by fellow Made in Chelsea star and BFF, that Spencer is doing “great”.


For any Made in Chelsea watchers, Jamie Laing is well known for his consistent loyalty to the “bois”, so it shouldn’t come as a surprise that play boy Spencer has his “full support”. Laing himself claims he steers “well clear” of steroids and it’s unlikely we’ll see him do a stint in the jungle any time soon… Damn!



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